Easy Steps To Repair Real Sex Doll


In the old-time, sex dolls were made in such a way that they could only profile amazing blowjobs to their owners. However, with the changing world, it has now become easier to come up with a realistic sex dolls. These dolls not only provide amazing blowjobs but also allow you to have anal and oral sex. These sex dolls are made up of silicone or tpe materials. These dolls are able to give the exact feeling that one device when they have sex with a real human being. This feature makes the demand for these dolls to be very high.


Cleaning the wound is essential to make sure that the doll is clean and tidy. Whenever a human gets injured, the wound is first cleaned to remove any unwanted material. Many people have the view that these sex dolls need no cleaning as they are not living beings. But in reality, these dolls are realistic sex dolls that are used for intimate purposes. You surely don’t want any unwanted things to enter your dick and lead to any kind of disease. Cleanliness is very important when it comes to sex.

Your sex doll might have got damaged because of some reason but the reason needs to be found out so that you can take the necessary steps. Cleaning the area which is the damage is almost like the safety precaution which is taken when a human being is injured. The Jolly needs to be cleaned with warm water and normal ordinary soap. Do not use any hard drive as it might damage the material.


You might be aware of conducting surgery on human beings when they have been severely injured, in the case of the realistic sex dolls, it needs to be Prepared. Many people consider the sex dolls to like real human beings and treat them just like that. They prefer calling the preparation of the sex doll to be an operation. This needs to be conducted because the person has to apply glue to the area which is damaged. If proper actions are not taken, the glue won’t be able to help the damaged area to be normal once again. If you have got a sex doll, you know how costly is it is and it is just not worth of someone to throw it away just because it has got damaged. Take care while preparing for the next step.

Glue it

Before selecting the Glue that needs to be applied to the tall sex dolls, you need to have a proper idea about the material that the doll is made up of. The glue for the silicone sex doll is quite different from that of the toe sex doll. Usually, a sex doll comes with a repair kit which has all the essential that are required when the sex doll gets damaged somehow. If your kit is lost, or it has been finished you need to make sure that you have the necessary details about the products that were in the repair kit. Many people are of the opinion that more glue might help them repair the doll faster, but in reality, it requires a very less amount of glue as the glue can add to the damage. Once the glue has been applied, the excess amount of glue needs to be wiped out with the help of an applicator or a toothpick.


After the application of the glue, the doll needs to Rest for some time. The example of the human being getting injured can again be taken in this part. A human needs to take some great before they can function normally after an injury. The same goes the case with the tall sex dolls, it is very essential to provide some rest of the doll once the glue has been applied or else the Glue won’t be able to show its effect.

Let it air dry for a few hours before utilizing it again. It is very important for the user to remember that once the Glue has been applied, It does not mean that the damaged part will become just like it was before. It might look the same but it will be much weaker. The user needs to remember this point and try to put any kind of external pressure on that area.


Sex dolls are pretty expensive and this makes the user tend to keep it with them, no matter what the damages are. It is very important for the user to take good care of it to ensure that long-lasting. It is not a human being that can heal its wound but a non-living being that can never heal its damage on its own; neither can lessen its effect. It is the duty of the user to make sure that they are used in the proper way.