Do I Need to Replace the TPMS When Changing the Tires?


When it comes to replacing tires, most car owners are more concerned with the cost and appearance of their new set rather than what’s happening under the hood. However, one crucial component that needs consideration during tire replacement is the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). In the below article, we will discuss the importance of TPMS and whether you need to replace it when changing your tires.

What is TPMS, and Why is it Important?

TPMS is a system designed to monitor the air pressure in a vehicle’s tires. The system provides real-time tire pressure readings to the driver, alerting them if there is an issue with tire pressure that could lead to unsafe driving conditions. Properly inflated tires ensure optimal performance, fuel efficiency, and safety.

The Role of TPMS in Tires Replacement

Replacing tires involves removing the old set and installing a new one. However, the TPMS sensors mounted inside the wheels need to be removed from the old tires and re-installed onto the new ones. TPMS sensors are an essential component of the system, and without them, the warning light on the dashboard will remain lit.

Remove and re-install TPMS sensors; it requires specialized TPMS service tools. These service tools are necessary to ensure the sensors are correctly installed on the new tires and programmed to the vehicle’s computer. Without this, it is challenging to properly calibrate the sensors, resulting in inaccurate readings and potentially unsafe driving conditions.

Professional TPMS Service Tools

While some car owners may be tempted to do the replacement themselves to save a few bucks, we highly recommend using a professional service. Using a reputable tire shop ensures the proper installation of the new tires, as well as the TPMS sensors. Professional service technicians use the correct TPMS service tools and have the training and experience needed to ensure a seamless transition.

To Sum Up

When replacing tires, it is essential to consider the TPMS system and its sensors. Properly functioning tires, including the TPMS sensors, are crucial to ensuring optimal performance, fuel efficiency, and safety. Replacing the sensors requires specialized TPMS service tools, and we recommend using a professional tire shop for the job. Investing in a professional service ensures the proper calibration of the TPMS sensors, accurate readings, and peace of mind on the road.