Dining Out At A Seafood Restaurant In California – Practical Etiquette Tips


Seafood is one of the staples that make Californian cuisine one of the most sought-after worldwide. People living here love their salmon, shrimp and crab dishes.

Nevertheless, when you aren’t used to eating seafood and you come to California, you can easily be overwhelmed with the wide variety of the local cuisine. By doing your homework in regard to the seafood restaurant etiquette, you’ll avoid drawing attention and even offending local people.

Keep An Open Mind About Flavors And Textures

While you may have eaten tons or grilled steaks and pulled pork sandwiches, keep an open mind and accept to taste the wide variety of flavors and textures of the traditional seafood restaurant food. If you live in an area where getting fresh seafood is impossible, you may find some of these dishes peculiar. Even though you may find it unusual, tasting lobster in a soup or crab cakes is a common thing to do for people living in California.

Rather than saying no to all of the new flavors that are available, you should taste them all and take the time to enjoy them. By keeping an open-mind about these foods, you’ll have better chances to start to like them. You may even start craving for them the next time you’re going to visit this place.

Ask Your Waiters For Help

If you aren’t sure what you’d like to eat, dare to ask the waiters for advice. They are knowledgeable about the food served in their restaurant and they are always willing to help their clients to make the right choice. Also, they can show you how to eat certain foods you may have never tried before.

For instance, if you order a whole lobster, you’ll need someone to show you how to crack it open and get to the meat. There’s nothing wrong with asking the server to help you.

These etiquette tips will hopefully help you enjoy your dining more. You may even end up willing to move to a coastal area to savor seafood more often.