Debt Consolidation: Is it right for you


When running businesses and companies, you have to keep a lot of things in mind. One of these factors that are always a constant source of worry and tension is Finance. Every company must be financially stable to be able to sustain and thrive in the world of business. The most common problem faced by many companies and businesses is seen in this field when they fall short insufficient financial resources. What do they do at such times?

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An imbalance and instability in your financial records will cause disrupt in the entire flow of work in the company, and this may lead to a lot of problems at every layer. To avoid falling into these holes, most of you take loans and debts from moneylenders and similar agencies or even banks to support the company. Some companies are successfully able to return these loans and repay debts in time. Some, on the other hand, are unable to do so because they do not get proper returns at all. At such times, you tend to take more loans from other people who then slowly turn into a vicious cycle. To help you overcome this problem of loans and debts, people have come up with the excellent scheme of Debt Consolidation!

Pros and cons of debt consolidation

Before we go into the details of debt consolidation, we must know what exactly this term means. Debt Consolidation is the process of taking one loan to pay off all the other investments and debts that you have from moneylenders or banks.  In the process of paying off most of the loans one has, he or she can easily apply personal loan Singapore that will be sufficient and safe and will be in one’s interest as well. Debt consolidation, unlike other kinds of loans, is an ingenious technique where moneylenders or sometimes even in the form of Government schemes, you can take an investment that will have a low-interest rate and have a comfortable time period.


  • Debt consolidation as said earlier is one of the easiest ways to repay all your loans together. With one final loan from either a trustworthy money lender in Singapore or through the government banks or schemes, you can repay other debts at other agencies and moneylenders and only concentrate on this one loan.
  • Debt consolidation is done mostly by all registered and licensed moneylender or by agencies under the government itself so it might turn out to be one of the best solutions to all your problems!
  • Getting a debt consolidation may be one of the smartest moves you make if you manage to get your hands on the lowest rates possible. This way you can reduce the total debt, rearrange and organise a few things and pay it off much faster.
  • It helps you in staying away from taking more unsecured debt from moneylenders, especially those who are not licensed.
  • The repayment terms and conditions are fixed and will provide you with sufficient time to deal with the debt properly.
  • Debt consolidation will also help you to boost credibility and improve the scores with time.
  • When compared to credit card loans, these personal loans that you find in Singapore have a lower and more impressive interest rate.
  • Once you consolidate your debts, you will not have to worry about n number of due dates because now you will have only one.


  • One thing that you must keep in your mind is that the financial problems that you face cannot be solved just like that. Consolidating your debts to help your company in Singapore is not a guarantee that you will not go into debt again. Once it is successful, you need to start thinking of ways of not repeating the same mistakes.
  • Debt consolidation may also come with at some costs such as balance transfer fees, annual fees, loan origination fees, etc. There also may be fees for early cancellation.
  • Some debt consolidation agencies may also charge a higher rate.

Types of Debt Consolidation

There are different types of debt consolidation schemes today.

  1. One of the most famous ones used today is Debt Consolidation Loans. This is similar to a personal loan that you can get from different financial institutes.
  2. Balance transfer credit card loan offers vary from time to time, many of which come at zero per cent introductory APR. These may also occur at you with a low-cost interest.
  3. 401(k) loan is actually a loan that you are taking from yourself instead of any moneylender or agency. This is taken from your account on a tax-free basis, and you have to repay the amount to yourself to that payment plan within the stipulated time. This also provides you with a lower interest rate and also helps you take a higher amount to repay loans faster. This also depends on the kind of job you are doing so be careful before you leave the employment at any time.
  4. Home equity loan is where you work with the equity you have collected on your house and use that to pay off your debts.

Now that you know the different types of debt consolidation schemes and methods along with the pros and cons of doing it, you can easily find a way out of your financial debts in Singapore! Find your perfect solutions and fix your financial problems today!

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When you live in a place that is surrounded by multiple companies and businesses, you will also find a number of schemes of Debt consolidation for licensed moneylender in Singapore. These are usually used by people to pay off debts of multiple credit cards. These help you to make the payments monthly to the moneylender at a much lower interest rate. If you are worried about your debts and are in similar trouble, then find your favourite scheme and Apply personal loan Singapore now!