Complete guide to plan the interior decoration of your apartment without professional help 


For an effective interior project, it is necessary to know the height of the rooms, the size of the walls, the partitions, the location of the windows, doors, besides switches and sockets. However, you should also consider the budget. All of this will influence your interior decoration project. The decoration needs to be pleasing to the eye and also functional. Take a blank sheet and make some drawings of what you intend to do, taking each space into account. If you don’t draw, use computer programs that can help you with this process. Use virtual 3d rendering software and start testing the ideas one by one. If you have no professional skills, download Foyr Neo 3D interior designing software. It is simple and powerful software.

Living room

This is the most coveted place in your home. It can be considered the business card of your decoration. Idealize each little piece of this space in detail and with the measurements in hand. Plan the placement of carpets, pictures, furniture and even appliances according to the style you want to print. Use the colors of the walls as a basis to dare in finishes with different tones. Don’t forget the curtains. They bring a special charm to the whole house.

Dining room

This is a special environment in the house, where residents and visitors gather at the table. Some apartments have smaller spaces, but they can be designed exclusively for this purpose. Think of essential items like the table, chairs, bench and lighting. No matter the size, these pieces of furniture can be essential to your routine. The lighting combined with the mirror will enhance and amplify the room.

Kitchen interior

This room deserves a lot of attention when decorating it. A modern and functional look is what everyone looks for in the kitchen. So, start with the colors that will be the basis of your ornamentation. Then, invest in coatings that are suitable for this area. An interesting way to take advantage of all the space in this environment is by using furniture designed to optimize measurements. Think about using materials that have high strength, such as granite for the sink and the workbench. Use the spaces on the wall above the stove and countertop to create a decorative style.


In the rooms, it is necessary to work with a line of decoration that harmonizes beauty, comfort and functionality. The master bedroom can be a style that suits both. Do not forget the bedside tables. Look for cozy furniture and think about comfort and convenience. It is necessary to opt for a functional size bed and to install a wardrobe that has enough space for the inhabitants of the room.


The bathroom is a very personal room and must be thinking to meet the needs of your family. Custom-made furniture is the most suitable since the dimensions of this room are quite small and there are several essential elements that occupy space. Think of closed cabinets, shelves and niches for placing your personal utensils. Dare on the decorative pieces. As for painting, the tip is to use lighter colors.