Common Wisdom Teeth Myths that you should be aware of


Yes most of us will not be spared by wisdom teeth pain, that is we will go through the pain at one point of our life. Wisdom teeth pain is quite a common things that it led to many myths surrounding it, let us go through them!

1. I can’t feel my wisdom teeth, so I don’t need to get them removed.

Not feeling any pain doesn’t necessarily mean there isn’t a problem. You will still have to get your wisdom teeth examined by a dentist to determine if extraction is necessary. There are risks involved when you do not remove your wisdom teeth. When there isn’t enough room in the mouth for the wisdom teeth to grow in, they might get impacted and break through your gums. An impacted tooth can cause infection and damage to the other teeth and bones. There is also a chance of cavities and gum disease happening in the back of your mouth.

2. Everyone has 4 wisdom teeth.

No this is a myth. Although having all 4 wisdom teeth is very common, some people have 1, 2 or 3 wisdom teeth and some don’t have any at all. The number of wisdom teeth in an individual varies. There are also rare cases where people have more than 5 wisdom teeth, this is called para-molars.

3. Everyone needs their wisdom teeth removed.

This is false. Wisdom teeth don’t always need to come out. They need to be removed when they are causing problems to your gums and other teeth or causing risks of tooth decay and gum disease. Therefore, if your wisdom teeth grow correctly, it would not be necessary to remove them. However, you do still need to practice good oral hygiene.

4. Your Dentist Can Predict when your wisdom teeth need to be removed

Yes, dentists are able to monitor the condition of your wisdom teeth and predict when they need to be removed. The dentist will be able to give the best advice on when you should remove your teeth. Once determined, they would do a clinical examination to determine if it’s a simple extraction or surgery.

5. You cannot eat after wisdom teeth extractions

This is not true; you can still eat after your surgery! However, you cannot eat solid foods for around a week after the surgery. During the first week of recovery, you will be eating a lot of soft mushy foods and liquids. This includes blended soups, smoothies, pureed vegetables, and more. As you begin to heal, you can start to eat more regular and semi-soft foods like scrambled eggs, toast, and more.

6. Any Dentist Can Pull Wisdom Teeth

Yes, any dentist will be able to pull a wisdom tooth. A regular extraction can be done in a dental office. However, if your wisdom teeth require surgery you would have to get to a specialist. A specialist would be a better option as they are armed with years of experience and are highly skilled in wisdom teeth extraction and surgery. You can also check out the different cost between wisdom tooth extraction and surgery in Singapore!

7. Wisdom Teeth Always Come in In the Late Teens

In general, you can expect your wisdom tooth to come in around the late teens or early adult years which is between the age of 17 to 21. However, there are cases where some get their wisdom teeth earlier and some get theirs later. It is easier to get the wisdom teeth removed at an earlier age as the bones around the gums are softer and the nerve roots in the mouth haven’t completely formed.

Hope this article helped you to understand more about wisdom teeth surgery! Next, you could read about the wisdom tooth extraction and surgery in Singapore!