Cigars for parties


While we, as of the time of writing, cannot currently party, but by the time you are reading it you, and the wider world could well be ready for a cigar party! Havana cigars are a staple when it comes to men’s luxury lifestyle, as it is a great way of bringing folks together. It furthermore, gives a less experienced person the opportunity to experience a cigar for the first time. 

Consider implementing a theme into your cigar party

Planning a cigar party around a theme is a great and creative way to get all guests involved and properly engaged with your event. There really are endless theme possibilities that you can adopt, one such example would be a James Bond/ Casino Royale theme. This could coincide with guests arriving in their best suit and tie and setting up a gambling table where attendees can play a game of blackjack or poker. You could even raise the stakes, and invite guests to bet their favourite cigars bought at a cigar smoking shop honolulu hi, as well as cigar accessories.

Air purifier

Use an air purifier if you are worried about making the room smell of tobacco. This is one of the best ways to pull that dirty air from the environment thanks to a series of filters that remove harmful particles, as well as bacteria and odours.

Choose your Cigars

Select the proper cigars, whether you plan on organising a cigar party as BYO cigars, or are planning to invite your guests to smoke a box of cigars with you, it is completely of utter importance that you must have some cigars available at your party. For a superior cigar smoking experience, you want to choose a decent set of cigars that are full of flavour. These are full of flavour and of long-lasting taste – it is recommended that you do your research here, look at a cigar choice guides for inspiration!


Nothing and I mean nothing will kill the vibe of a party more than not having the right tools around to light your cigars up. In order to avoid this, you should ensure that guests have access to every tool that will enable them to properly enjoy their cigar smoking experience. In your party’s designated smoking area, let guests have great access to the likes of matches, cigar cutters, as well as ashtrays. Cigar smoking friends will absolutely love you for it!

Cheese, whisky as well as scotch tastings

Having an expert here to help you appreciate the tastings was a great way to break the ice among guests and allow attendees to introduce themselves to one another.


Whilst the likes of cheese, whisky or scotch tasting and fuel to party, and provide a great way for people to introduce themselves to one another, it’s a great idea for hosts to organise professional catering services. This way, guests will be looked after to the utmost degree – great food, great booze, great times.

Good luck with planning your cigar party – we hope you have a fantastic time overall and enjoy it as much as possible!