Cbd oil: what is the 10% dosage?


    Known for its great therapeutic potential, CBD oil is an essence that is extracted from hemp. This mainly contains cannabidiol, to which other cannaboids are added to improve its taste and smell. Of course, it has no psycho-emotional effect.

    Today, most CBD oils made in France have dosages that vary between 2 and 10%.

    Presentation of cbd oil 10%

    This is an oil that comes from cultivated hemp or cannabis. The latter contains not only hemp extract, but also other cannaboids and terpenes that exist naturally in the plant. It is also the interactions between the different cannabinoids that are responsible for the entourage effect of this product.

    However, cannabidiol oil does not contain THC, even though it is the most abundant cannabinoid in the plant. Therefore, CBD oil, regardless of its dosage, has no psychoactive effects.

    Of course, the carrier oil used in CBD productsmay as well be hemp oil or olive oil. The full spectrum CBD or full spectrum composition also offers optimum efficiency, in addition to a much more powerful flavor.

    Cbd oil 10%: is it the right dosage?

    Currently, there are cannabidiol oils with dosages of up to 30%. The 10% CBD oil is therefore far from being very concentrated, which offers it a very good tolerance in most patients.

    However, the amount of CBD oil to consume is very personal. This depends on several factors, such as weight, the symptoms to be treated, but above all on the tolerance to CBD.

    That is why, it is recommended to always start with a low dose, such as the 10% dosage. Then, if your doctor feels that you need more concentrated CBD oil, you can gradually increase the doses.

    Finally, whatever the dose chosen, it is better to start with a single intake of a few drops of 10% cannabidiol oil per day. After a week, you can take stock and analyze how your body reacted, before increasing the number of drops to swallow.

    Cbd oil 10%: what products are added to it?

    For several years now, it has been proven that cannabidiol can be used as a treatment for many diseases. CBD 10% oil therefore deserves a quick close view of its strengths and benefits.

    Indeed, in addition to being completely devoid of THC, this 10% CBD oil has the advantage of being pure. It is therefore a natural oil that is cold pressed and contains only virgin olive oil, to which is added the CBD isolate which comes from the hemp seeds.

    In addition, this cannabidiol oil often contains omega 9, known to be a very beneficial unsaturated fatty acid. In addition, since the oil is 100% organic, it has no harmful effects on the heart and blood vessels.

    Tips for using cbd 10% spectrum oil

    One of the biggest advantages of CBD oil is that you can easily use it and adjust its dose as you wish.

    If you want to consume 10% CBD oil, be aware that the recommended method is to use an eyedropper to run a number of drops under your tongue. Then you will only have to let these drops stand for about 30 seconds, before swallowing them with a glass of water.

    It should also be noted that the sublingual route ensures better absorption of the 10% CBD oil drops. In addition, since CBD is absorbed through the intestinal lining, the components of the oil will be able to avoid passing through the stomach and being broken down there.

    Regarding the taste of the oil, it differs from one product to another. However, these usually taste quite bitter. If you can’t tolerate it, you can still mix them with your food, or even use them for cooking. The only downside is that this may minimize their effects and make them slower.