Can you legally play slot machines at bookmakers?


No, because according to the law in force, bookmakers cannot offer an online casino, so they cannot offer typical casino games, such as roulette, blackjack, poker, or slot machines. Slot machines are subject to state monopoly, and only the state-owned situs judi slot online can offer them (moreover, stationary slot machines can also be found in licensed land-based casinos). On the other hand, legal bookmakers offer particular virtual games, which are alternative to classic slot machines.

Virtual games as an alternative to slot machines?

An alternative to gaming machines can be particular virtual games that legal bookmakers offer their customers in a completely legal manner! These are not typical slot machines, but the gameplay is high-speed, and you only have to wait a short while for its resolution, which makes these types of games an alternative to classic slot machines.

What are legal virtual games? What are the rules for this type of game, and how do they differ from classic slot machines?

The rules of legal virtual games are very simple – the player places bets on the settlement of short virtual events. Importantly, these are virtual events (not real matches) that take place very quickly, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and the next event starts a few minutes after the end of the previous one, which means that the game can take place almost non-stop. The pace of the game and the fact that virtual matches are placed makes it an interesting alternative to classic slot machines.

It is also worth knowing that there are mechanisms thanks to which websites offering, among others, illegal online slots are blocked quickly. Specialized employees of the Customs and Tax Office search for websites of this type on an ongoing basis and report them to the “Register of Domains Used to provide Gambling Games Contrary to the Act” (the so-called registry of prohibited domains). With ISPs obligated by the gambling law to block sites within 48 hours of being registered, illegal casinos and online slots are rapidly disappearing from the virtual space. Besides, payment system providers are required to terminate their cooperation with these services within 30 days of their appearance in the registry of banned domains, which makes online slot machines on unlicensed sites much less attractive to players.