Cal Royal Hardware By Park Avenue Locks


Cal Royal is one of the leading door lock manufacturer, based in California, United States. They have build up quite a reputation and a loyal customer base, thanks to the premium quality products they have been selling since 1983. If you want high-level security and sturdiness for the doors locks in your home or workplace, Cal Royal is the best company for you. 

However, if you are wondering where to get all those products in one place, Park Avenue Locks is the one for you. With a range of different manufacturers and their products in one place, you can buy the locks that suit you the best at affordable prices! Today, we are going to look at what Cal Royal offers us in their electrified hardware category! 


First up, we have the CR441EHO, a premium quality Grade 1 door closer that is electronically controlled with the help of a hold-open track arm. It is uniquely designed for smoke and fire barrier doors and can easily be interfaced with alarm systems for added security. The CR441EHO conforms with the life safety code and is certified under ANSI Standard A156.15. Here are a few more features of this product:

  • Adjustable hold-open force
  • concealed or surface wiring
  • non-handed
  • non-sized
  • includes a test switch

CRPT Series

Next up, we have the CRPT Series, which includes the CRPT-2, CRPT-10, and CRPT-10C. All of these three variants are quite similar, with just some little differences for a different level of securities. These locks are listed in the UL as Miscellaneous Fire Door Accessories and are rated according to the Uniform Building Code. If you want these locks for a commercial area, you will be good to go as these are specifically designed to be used in heavy volume situations. Here are a few more features about these locks:

  • The standard finishes include DURO and Aluminum. 
  • These are supplied with crimp connectors for added security.
  • Every part is made of metal, so it is a premium lock.

NM Series/SC Series

Lastly, we have the NM and the SC Series of electric locks by Cal Royal. Let us first look at the NM series. These are Grade 1 heavy-duty locks that conform with the federal specification type 86 and operational and dimensional performances of ANSI A156.13. For more peace of mind, these come with BHMA Certified Lifetime Warranty and feature an optional interchangeable core. Moreover, it has an individual spring to prevent any sort of lever sag!

Next up, we have the SC Series, which also comes under CSFM and UL listings. You get numerous switch options with the locks along with a 3-year no hassle warranty for complete peace of mind. It features a low current draw and a standard plug in rectifier for DC and AC power source.


So, if you are looking for updated and robust electrified products for your door, browse through Park Avenue Locks Cal Royal and find renowned manufacturers like buy cal royal locks online with their beloved products at competitive prices!