Bloody Stools and Babies: Causes and Treatments Parents Should Know


While poop is a normal thing and it is harmless but it can be an indication of medical problems. These problems or issues require immediate medical treatment. lets parents learn about causes and appropriate treatments of bloody stools. Moms should keep Babyshop coupon code for baby care especially during the first few months. Here is how moms can ensure good health of their babies.

Looking Into the Diapers:

The color of poop is an important factor. Changes in color of poop indicate certain things. For example, pale green poop show that baby is suffering from cold. During the first few months, the baby will pass stool in different colors such as green, yellow and brown. These are normal colors indicating that baby is in good health.

What Bloody Poop Shows?

What do you see in the diaper? Remember, red poop doesn’t mean that baby is passing bloody stools. It may be due to the red tinged foods such as fruit punch, beets, tomatoes and even some candies. Observe the poop color for several days in this case. It will turn normal with the passage of time. Avoid some red tinged foods during this period. However, parents should seek medical attention if they see red poop or consistency in bloody poops.

Milk Allergy:

No doubt, bloody stool is unlikely happen due to milk allergy but parents should consider it. Milk allergies are silent killers. These develop certain infections in the stomach including the small and big intestines. This leads to bloody stool in routine.

Hurting Strollers or Baby Walkers:

Stomach is the main body part receiving major pressure when a baby exerts force in a walker. Check the walker if it is hurting the stomach. Replace it immediately with a comfortable walker. suggests Babyshop coupon code for budget-friendly shopping online. Also find the suitable strollers keeping the baby comfortable and easy.

Maternal Nipple Wounds:

Check your nipples before breastfeeding. Do you see swelling or certain cracks? This is an indication of nipple injury. Your baby may accidently swallow blood while breastfeeding. This situation leads to black and dark red flecks in stool if happens for longer. This is not a serious concern but you must treat the nipples to avoid further injury.

When to Find a Doctor?

Parents should know when it is the time to see a doctor. Ask some experienced mothers. They will tell some home remedies to treat the stomach and bloody stools. However, you must contact a doctor immediately in the following situations.

  • Excessive blood in stool.
  • Inconsolable crying or fussiness.
  • Black stool.
  • Anal injury.
  • Baby refuses to drink or eat.
  • Bloody stools accompanied with diarrhea or constipation. is a consistent service assisting the parents in various parenting tasks. It strongly urges to utilize Babyshop coupon code in various tasks such as shopping baby strollers, nursery items, walkers, feeders, diapers and more. Take advantage of this amazing facility and save money for some crucial tasks such as buying quality formula milks for babies.