Blade Vs. Burr Grinders: Which Makes Better Coffee?


Grinding your coffee at home is a satisfying and relaxing experience, the perfect tool for all coffee enthusiasts looking to become their own baristas. You should know that the consistency of your grounds makes your cup of coffee bring out its maximum flavor, so having the perfect coffee grinder is one thing to consider. 

Before you blow money on that fancy Fiorenzato Coffee Grinder, there are two types available in the market: blade and burr grinders. You might wonder, what is the difference, and is there a point? Well, depending on your choice, this could drastically affect how your grounds come out. One produces consistent and uniform coffee grounds, while the other produces disappointing results.

Blade Coffee Grinders

Blade grinders are typically the most common choice for those just starting their coffee journey. Equipped with two rotating blades that look like propellers rapidly spinning at the bottom of a chamber, this grinder chops up and minces coffee beans while mixing them. Think of it like a blender that throws around coffee beans into different-sized pieces, ranging from fine to large chunks. How fine your grounds will be is determined by how long you grind the beans.

Pros and Cons of Blade Coffee Grinders

Blade coffee grinders are always available in any market and usually sell cheaply. It’s also convenient and easy to use – all you have to do is place your roasted beans in the chamber and press a button to grind. 

However, affordable doesn’t equate to quality. Blade coffee grinders always produce uneven coffee grounds size that will cause your brew to taste bitter and sour due to inconsistent water flow and varying brewing periods. Moreover, it takes longer for blade grinders to make fine grounds, and all that time will eventually build up significant amounts of heatthat will cause all your coffee’s flavor to fade and taste burnt.

Burr Coffee Grinder

Burr grinders use two abrasive surfaces, known as burrs, made of steel or ceramic that funnel the beans into the grinding area. A grinding wheel grinds the beans into uniform size and with little heat. Additionally, this type of grinder allows you to move the burrs closer or farther apart to modify the size of the grounds, making them adaptable to various coffee makers.

Pros and Cons Of Burr Coffee Grinders

With a burr coffee grinder, you wouldn’t have to worry about uneven coffee grounds making your cup of joe taste awful. It doesn’t use flimsy metal blades that blast coffee beans around; instead, it uses proper grinding wheels to give you that even, consistent ground. The option to adjust your ground size makes it compatible with many coffee makers. Getting yourself a Mazzer Grinder will provide you with the best results with their vast selection of coffee grinders.

Of course, pros come with cons. Perhaps the only cons a burr grinder has are their availability since they are uncommon in the market and their higher electricity costs.

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