Better And Finer Choices for the Essay


Of the millions of tips to be a writer that you will come across, this is the only one you should heed. Writing is like a muscle. Unless you are a wonder of nature, to build muscle you have to train. The difference between him and other people is that he spent four years training to run nine seconds, while most quit after a few months because they did not see results.

Writing has learning curves. We all know how to write when we leave school, but not all of us are writers. To be a writer you must train and there is no better way to do it than by writing. So go for the options Recommended by experts from

Reading Is Also Part Of The Training For The Writer.

If you like soccer (or any sport) you will have seen that coaches force their players to watch their rivals’ matches. It is a way of learning, of knowing new tactics and improvised plays, of seeing how a certain player moves.

If you want to write you have to know what you are doing. You have to know your trade. One becomes an electrician without knowing, at least, that the inside of a cable pupates. You don’t become a professional marksman without knowing which part of the rifle the bullets come out of.

Reads a Lot

Unlike writing, which requires effort on your part, reading can offer you a moment of peace. It is a refuge after a busy day; it is a moment of calm when you have a lot of work. Read good books to see what to do and read bad books to find out what not to do. Read books of your genre for recurring themes, tropes, and characters, and read books from other genres to see other styles, languages, and other characters.


Would you present yourself to a cardiac surgeon without having studied Medicine? Would you become a commercial flight pilot without having gone through a flight school? Will you dedicate yourself to illustration or painting without artistic training? Certainly not, however, everyone has the feeling that he knows how to write because of infused science. This is actually quite a common problem and it is because there is no “official” writing training program. Think about it, there is it for the rest of the arts. Conservatories, schools of art, dance.

But What about Writing

The fact that there is no formal training does not exempt you from your responsibility as a writer, which is none other than training even if it’s on your own. There are hundreds of blogs of writers, editors, and publishers on the Internet offering advice. There are very good writing manuals and there are also courses and schools for training of writers.

Training is important. The writer needs to know very well what his tools are. You need to understand how literature works, its structures, characterization, dialogues. Many of these frameworks and paradigms we have internalized thanks to reading, but we do not know how to use them consciously and that is why training is so important.