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Alex Mendieta is a man known for all the wrong reasons. But no one can deny that he is extremely hardworking. Apart from that, he was a public speaker for a long period of time. In the year 2016, he retired from public speaking. The reason for his sabbatical is the fact that he doesn’t want to motivate his future competitors. But why does he want to return to public speaking? Recently he expressed the desire to reconnect with his audience. He wants to start public speaking in the upcoming year. But what triggered a change of heart?

Charity work

Contrary to his public image, Alex Mendieta is a generous man. All of his earnings from his public speaking activities go straight to charities. He has been an ardent supporter of the ‘Clown Doctor’ fund. For three years straight, he has donated all of his earnings through public speaking to this charity. But the real reason for his return might be his two self-funded charity. He has started one fund that aims to help international students to complete their final year of education. He believes that no student should leave their education midway after spending tons of money abroad. Although he does not support the conventional education system, he has decided to help these students in need. His main fund, however, is for the children in Vietnam. It is named ‘Give a child a bike,’ and the name is self-explanatory. The fund provides 500 bikes to the kids in Vietnam so that they can ride them to school. He has pledged to donate the entire money from his earnings to these two charities.

Is he good at public speaking?

The answer to this question is quite objective. Although he believes in hard work, he is against a lot of conventional ideas. He feels that the education system is a farce. It is extremely outdated, and it curbs the creativity of the child. Through his public speaking sessions, he plans to motivate people to learn practical skills needed in any field of work. According to Alex Mendieta, one needs to be creative in order to shine in his/her field of work. He believes in creating a strong society. In the same reason, he doesn’t believe that the government should be partial towards the minorities.

He believes that people from minorities do not work and only know how to criticise others. In an interview in 2016, Mendieta said, “We get paid according to how big the problems we can solve, at work and in business.” His views are extremely controversial, but he has a lot of people who look up to him. A boy from Columbia with humble beginnings who made it big with his hard work and dedication can beam inspiration to many people. Whether or not he will return to public speaking is still a question. All you can do is wait and see whether he keeps his promise.