BBQs 2u Launched a ‘ThankQue’ Project to Find BBQ Champions


UK has already seen two heat waves this year. Research says, during those warm weeks, people have searched for grilled food 48% more than normal years. Last year saw a significant rise in the sale of several barbecue grillers. BBQs 2u, the leading Weber barbecue online retailer in the UK, had seen a remarkable increase in their sale during pandemic.

The good news about the barbecue economy is that it is celebrated and loved widely in UK and around the world that it enjoys annual growth. The consistent rise in the barbecue sale within different categories has made BBQs 2u straddle. The other retail categories like butchers, grocers, hardware retailers, department stores, and e-retailers have seen significant growth in their business.

According to a meat retailer, pork is the leading section in the BBQ market. The changing taste and environment condition have increased social awareness among people, which has led to the explosion of BBQs 2u and other barbecue retailer sales. BBQs 2u is also known for its sheer volume of products and price drops. Recently, they initiated the project ‘ThankQue’ to promote Champions and motivate others to bring barbecue passion into their life.

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They are looking for dedicated barbecue lovers for their project ‘ThankQue’ as Ambassador. Their search is for champions whom they can thank for their love and dedication towards barbecue. They gifted a brand new Kamado Joe Junior to a 12-year-old boy Alfie to appreciate his passion for barbecue. Alfie King loves cooking for friends and family so BBQs 2u sent a brand-new vessel and made him a future star. They are in search of more Champions who appreciate BBQ and understood its importance and kept the passion alive.

Kamado Joe is an ancient Asian-style grill with a thick wall cooker with ceramic walls and grills. It gives a rich and smoky flavour to vegetables, meat, and fish. The huge barbecue grill is world-renowned for its modern grill style and craftsmanship. Kamado Joe has much thicker walls than retain heat more than other grills.

Kamado Joe Kettle Joe is the newest, exciting, and kettle invention of the Kamado Joe series. It has all the benefits of Kamado with improved heat retention, smoking function, and fuel efficiency. It has a side table and premium cart. The side tables have new innovations – ‘SloRoller to Hyperbolic Smoke Chamber’ for simmer cooking.

Kamado Joe Kettle has WiFi control which is compatible with all iKamand accessories. It has a four-legged cart, metal shelves at the sides, and a ceramic firebox. Kamado is always up with something new. They keep surprising us with new innovations. It is a live example of a blend of traditional barbecues with the latest technology. The SloRoller system is developed by Harvard University.

If you want some classic pieces of Kamado Joe Kettle, go to BBQs 2u’s official website. Check their classic collection of Kamado Joe T-shirts on their Facebook page. After seeing an increase in demand during this summer for Kamado Joe models, they update their stock before they’re short of it.