All You Will Need to Know Before Seeing Mt Merapi at Yogyakarta


    Mt Merapi might not be the highest mountain on Java; however, it’s one of the most active and destructive mountains in Indonesia. Likewise, it’s an important mountain with its myths that are still ingrained in the day-to-day life of many neighborhoods, Javanese.

    If you ever see Yogyakarta (or Jogjakarta or Jogja), don’t neglect to visit this particular modest-looking mountain. Here’s my full travel reportage of Mt Merapi, including what you will need to expect of this Mt Merapi Jeep/Lava Tour.

    The Holy Mountain

    Mt Merapi is regarded as a sacred mountain to a lot of Javanese. As a result of its significance and importance, the Dutch wanted to construct a railway to “upset” the lineup so the sailors would stop believing that this historical myth. That attempt failed miserably, naturally, and the natives continue to be devoted to their realm and beliefs to the day.

    The line has mystical and philosophical significance for this. This imaginary line represents the harmonious relationship between the Creator (God) and the sins of Jogja, both kings, and taxpayers, as well as taxpayers towards character. Merapi symbolizes Fire, while Water is represented from the South Sea. Kraton lies in the sea and mountain, and it’s viewed as a significant component that balances Water and Fire, ensuring these components function together in the finish.

    Besides its sacred status, Mt Merapi is also considered as the protector of local Jogjakartans. They believe that it is because of the grandeur and the mountain’s souls that they can live their life harmoniously despite the changing habits and technological progress. Many ceremonies are held every year to appease Merapi’s spirits and avoid destruction among the villagers who live across the mountain.

    Such belief could be why many locals didn’t need to evacuate when the government issued the evacuation orders through the 2010 eruptions. There is an emotional connection between the locals and this mountain, coupled with beliefs that the spirits of Merapi would finally supply them with clear indications to flee whether the eruptions would endanger their own lives.


    The perfect way to enjoy Merapi is to hop on its Jeep tour. The tour covers several actions, such as visiting some websites surrounding the mountain. The price of this tour will be IDR450,000 per jeep for three individuals.

    If you presently have a driver to take you about Yogyakarta, then typically, he/she can arrange the jeep excursion on your behalf. It takes roughly an hour’s drive to move from Jogja’s city center to the Sleman district, the closest village to the mountain.

    Here is the list of 3 places you would usually visit through your chosen Merapi jeep excursion.

    1. Mt Merapi Base Camp

    The first stop of this tour is viewing the sunrise at the base of Mt Merapi. It is situated near the underground empire, using the gorgeous panorama view of Yogyakarta. The sun itself does not rise behind the mountain; instead, the sun rises from Merapi’s eastern side. The later you go to the base camp, the fewer people will be there. Going there following the sunrise is good enough (around 6.30 am), but do not wait till midday because it becomes extremely hot!

    1. Mt Merapi Museum

    Besides the base camp, you can also go to an abandoned house-turned-into museum, called the Mt Merapi Museum. This tradition is unique as it reveals the aftermath of the eruptions from 2010, which killed 353 individuals. Among the exhibited here are remnants of animal bones, kitchen and household appliances, vehicles, and bikes. The hot volcanic gas ruined and melted everything from its paths, such as plastics and mirrors. This house will be the testament of how destructive the 2010 eruptions were.

    1. Batu Alien

    Towards the end of the jeep tour, you may go to a website where a massive rock from the 2010 Merapi eruption resides. The giant rock is called “Batu Alien”, which is literally Alien Rock. It will become renowned as the stone resembles a human face.

    Vacation is more than just the scenery, it’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Yogyakarta by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.