9 Things to Know Before Buying a Ranch


Living on a ranch can be a truly exhilarating feeling. Breathing in the fresh air and being so close to nature sounds very appealing.

However, a slight lapse can leave you with a nightmare rather than the serene ranch life you dreamt of. So, the next time you are looking for ranches for sale in Pagosa Springs, CO, refer to this buying guide.

9 Things to Know

Here is an exhaustive list of aspects you must know before buying a ranch.

How Many Animals Can Be Supported?

It is wise to be aware of the ‘carrying capacity’ of the ranch. Since sellers may tend to exaggerate the number, you can check with the local USDA office. You can predict the capacity from the information you receive regarding the soil type, vegetation, and other conditions.

Where Can You Buy Livestock?

Do your research before buying livestock along with the ranch. Make sure you have a strong network of trusted and trained individuals. With their guidance, you will not end up paying extra.

Beware of the most common pitfall – buying livestock of poor quality or paying too much for it.


A suitable and decent neighborhood is the priority for most people as it should be.

However, if you are buying a ranch, a lot more considerations need to be made. These include the soil type, climatic conditions, ecosystem, and other environmental factors.

Big or Small Ranch

The size of the ranch is a significant aspect. Overusing the land in a small ranch can cause many environmental and farming problems. These include erosion, nutrient deficiency, and other issues.

Although, you must bear in mind your budget for the ranch and the maintenance costs.

Understand the Zone of the Ranch in Colorado

When buying a ranch, you need to understand the zoning requirements. Owning a ranch comes with certain restrictions on constructing buildings and agricultural usage.

So, when buying a ranch in Colorado, ensure that the property falls in the appropriate zone.

Water Rights

Owning a ranch in Colorado also carries a unique system of water rights. They can direct how the ranchland is to be utilized.

Find a broker who has the appropriate knowledge and can enlighten you about these water rights.

How Much Income Can be Expected?

Do not overestimate the annual production value of the ranchland. Since cattle and livestock fall under agricultural commodities, their prices can fluctuate. Consequently, the income can vary.

Besides, the scale of operations also significantly impacts the net income levels.


Do your homework about the traffic and footfall in the area. Do not assume that you will have exclusive access to the estate. Do your due diligence in matters of:

  • Access to the property from a nearby road
  • Year-round access
  • Usage of the passage by neighboring ranches to reach their own ranch

It will give you an idea of the level of privacy you can expect.

Recreational Activities

People primarily use ranches for recreational activities like hiking, hunting, or fishing. If you are keen on any such activity, make sure your broker finds just the right ranch for you.

Wrapping Up

This exhaustive list should have you covered when you check out the ranches for sale in Pagosa Springs, CO.

When it comes to buying a ranch in Pagosa Springs, you will be spoilt for choice. Before you know it, you will be relaxing on your porch and soaking in the beautiful view.