8 Recommendation Spot in Semarang That You Must Visit


    Semarang is the provincial capital of Central Java and is the fifth biggest city in Indonesia. Semarang is understood to have many intriguing sights. Here are hints for eight tourist attractions in Semarang for those of you who are on holiday in Semarang.

    Sam Po Kong Temple Tour

    Sam Po Kong Temple is a tourist spot in Semarang with spiritual nuances for followers of Confucianism. This tourist attraction, which is full of Chinatown architecture, also offers historical significance as one of the places that Admiral Cheng Ho has seen. Seeing Sam Po Kong Temple, you can search for interesting and instagrammable photograph places, so don’t forget to bring your very best camera lens.

    Celosia Flower Park

    On the identical street as Gedong Songo Temple, you will find other Semarang natural attractions, namely Celosia Flower Park. This tourist area is divided into three zones, namely Celosia Flower Park (Celosia 1), Celosia Happy & Fun (Celosia two), also Celosia Selfie Museum (Celosia 3). Therefore, within this tourist area of ​​Semarang, you cannot just delight in the flower garden.

    Semarang Blenduk Church Tour

    Apart from Lawang Sewu, you’ll find other historical buildings in Semarang that you can explore, namely the Blenduk Church. This Dutch tradition building that has been created since 1753 is one of the oldest church buildings in Indonesia. The details of this typical colonial architecture make many people see this place to admire the beauty of Semarang’s tourist appeal architecture.

    Kampung Pelangi Tour

    However, this village is much cleaner and more attractive since it’s painted in rainbow colors. This rainbow village’s exceptional scenery has turned this area into a tourist attraction in Semarang that brings lots of tourists.

    Umbul Sidomukti

    The following tourist place in Semarang, which you can visit, is Umbul Sidomukti. At Umbul Sidomukti, there are three pools that have different depths. It’s an adventure that can’t be missed. The atmosphere is like being at a luxury hotel. Aside from swimming in the open atmosphere, you can also do horse riding, research artificial caves, to adrenaline-pumping rides.

    Pendem Ambarawa Fortress

    It had been named Benteng Pendem since the fort’s plan was underground and has been created as a defense strategy at that moment. Although the fort, which was constructed since 1834, is not intact, you can still find the remains of the fort that stands firmly.

    Central Java Grand Mosque

    Another tourist destination at Semarang, which can be a holiday choice, is the excellent Mosque of Central Java. The mosque, which is known for six giant umbrellas, includes a stunning architecture that is extremely stunning. This giant umbrella resembles an umbrella found at the Nabawi Mosque that will usually be opened during Eid al-Fitr prayers and Eid al-Adha for a shelter for the congregation who is praying below it.

    Semawis Market Tour

    Semawis Market is one of the culinary arts destinations in Semarang, which you must stop. Located in Semarang’s Chinatown area, this marketplace works from 6 pm to 11 pm and supplies some culinary specialties that are fascinating to taste.

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