6 Mistakes To Avoid When Renovating The Bathroom


When you intend to refurbish your bathroom for a fresh look, there are things you should consider in preparation for your refurbishment.

You need to pin down the different elements that provide a full remodeled bathroom, such as choosing the paint you will be using, the fixtures you want to modify, storage spaces, and the places where you will put the other utilities at home.

The next move is to pick all your equipment and materials for remodeling. Make sure the materials are based on the design you developed for the renovation. Featuring power drill, pry bar, bowl, chisel, adjustable wrench, flathead screwdriver, hacksaw, utility knife, chalk line, and extension cord, some critical tools.

Now that you have everything you need for a project to remodel your bathroom, you can now move to the main part of the renovation. All bathroom fittings need to be removed or destroyed first. Here are the bathroom gutting tips:

  • Drain and clean the toilet to rid itself of any unwanted spills. 
  • Fill the tub itself by removing the pan, and rework the plumbing. 
  • Isolation strip from your walls. 
  • Removal of armchairs, mirrors, and tiles. 
  • Rent out a demolition debris dumpster.

In setting up your new shower or bathtub, make sure that the size is correct and that it will fit your taste. There are three choices you can select from for your shower remodeling design choices like rectangular, square, and pentangle shape.

These are the two main steps in renovating your bathroom if you wanna learn what more you can do and the errors you need to avoid in bathroom remodeling, check out and read this infographic.

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