6 Best Tourism Places to Visit in Bintan Island


An island paradise and a melting pot of cultures, Bintan Island provides extra traffic loads to do than sitting at the seaside.

Less than 2 hours from Singapore and Jakarta, Bintan Island is a convenient getaway from annoying metropolis life. The beautiful destination is domestic to lavish, fearless points of interest, beautiful nature, and fascinating local subculture. From trekking adventures to luxurious feasts, discover the pinnacle six activities on Bintan Island, Indonesia.

Panglong Village

Panglong village is home to the Orang Laut (Sea Gypsies), a few of Bintan’s earliest settlers. These fishermen have been as soon as nomadic folks before settling down on the coasts of Panglong, constructing wooden seaside homes and creating a dwelling out of casting nets from their traditional ships. Travelers may additionally see the island’s beyond in the beauty of Panglong’s old homes, just like the iconic ‘brick igloos’ that the locals once utilized to make charcoal.

Crystal Lagoon

At a jaw-losing 60 hectares in diameter, this translucent lagoon might also without difficulty look like a crystal-clear, impossibly easy, and silent sea. Crystal Lagoon at Treasure Bay is Southeast Asia’s artificial saltwater lagoon — it’s an outstanding one, too. Hover around on a unicorn float for hours, living room at the powder-white sand, or join up for one in every of their personal water sports. Jetovator, a jetpack-like mechanism that allows you to send you flying above the water, maybe very popular amongst daredevils.


Senggarang is a paranormal fishing hamlet and home to Bintan’s indigenous populace. This village looks like a Venice model, with canals isolating homes that go with the flow above the water. As the primary Chinese settlement on the island, Senggarang houses many temples and shrines, effortlessly recognizable for their bright and vibrant hues — in assessment with easy, earthy houses in the community. Don’t forget to attempt out the nearby unique shark fillet (shua he pia) or shrimp porridge (he moi).

Trikora Beach

Trikora Beach is the primary traveler hub of Bintan Island. This string of four beaches stays dotted with laidback, traditional bungalows and restaurants, that are the alternative of the lavish and avant-garde Lagoi. Travelers may do lots of things at this beach: swim, snorkel, and kick back in a beach cabana even as sampling traditional snacks.Trikora beach is very suitable for the family vacation place in Bintan.

Tanjung Pinang and Penyengat Island

Tanjung Pinang is the capital town of Riau Islands. The town is an antique town with colonial and traditional neighborhoods to discover. This is where vacationers can splurge for local-made crafts and authentic conventional dishes such as the famous seasonal gong. Penyengat Island is only a 15-minute boat ride from Tanjung Pinang’s port, housing 18th-century forts, a mosque, a palace, and other historical landmarks.

Gurun Pasir Busung

For an indeed precise enjoy and some remarkable photograph opportunities to confuse your buddies, Gurun Pasir Busung is an appropriate spot. This former sand mining website online becomes left deserted after sand extraction is prohibited and now resembles a unique desolate tract sandscape. Indeed, fashioned lakes have amassed rain water and mixed with specific minerals from the floor, forming the most uncommon colored water that desires no Insta filter to affect!

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