6 Amazing Benefits of Raw Cat Food Diets from Houston Raw Pet Food


Raw cat food diets are gaining popularity among pet owners at a dramatic rate. This is due to the amazing benefits that accompany raw cat food diets. Here are 6 of the most amazing benefits of raw cat food diets.

Benefits of Raw Cat Food Diets:

Enhanced digestion

Pets like cats and dogs have a much shorter intestinal system than people do, resulting in a lower nutritional absorption rate. Cats and dogs digest raw flesh and bones better than the grains and additives found in most commercial cat food diets. Raw pet meals, which consist of whole, unprocessed foods, provide your pet with the highest possible concentration of digestible minerals and beneficial microbes. Cats and dogs lack the enzyme amylase necessary to break down starches, which is typical in most commercial diets. This means that feeding your pet this kind of food is overworking its digestive system.

A stronger immune system

Have you ever pondered the apparent superiority in health and vigor of wolves and untamed dogs and cats over their domesticated counterparts? The diet they feed on plays a crucial role in this. Fatty acids and immune-boosting minerals are plentiful in raw meals. Besides, the vitamins and minerals found in raw veggies are in their most bioavailable state.

Optimal skin and coat health

The hair and skin absorb about 40% of the protein a cat consumes. Most commercial diets are mainly prepared with grains; hence, they lack the proteins essential for the development of healthy skin and glossy fur.

Healthy bones and better muscle tone

A protein-rich diet will promote better muscular, skin, and joint development in your pet. Commercially prepared pet food is mostly composed of carbs, which can lead to weight gain in pets. Research shows that puppies and kittens whose diets consisted solely of raw food had fewer bone issues as adults. Raw food diets, which derive the majority of their caloric intake from raw meat, have been shown positively affect development rates due to their high protein and low carbs content. The high amounts of Omega-3s present in raw meals minimize the chances of developing joint issues like arthritis in the future.

Enhancement of dental health

One of the most frequent causes for a visit to the veterinarian is dental issues, which are often brought on by the accumulation of bacteria on the teeth after feeding on diets rich in sugar. This causes a layer of sugars and carbs to adhere to the teeth, resulting in bad breath, inflamed gums, plaque buildup, and even teeth removal in severe cases.

Minimization of allergic reactions

Allergic reactions in cats and dogs typically manifest as excessive scratching and/or tearing. Quite a number of cats and dogs have sensitivities to the grains and additives that are typical in commercially prepared pet food. A raw food regimen prevents exposure to these toxins. Consuming raw meals further strengthens the immune system, leading to fewer allergic reactions.

Let Your Pet Enjoy Our Sumptuous Raw Pet Meals

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