5 Tips for using delay spray for men to get desired results


Every sexual wellness product comes with a predefined guide on how to use it. Bold Care also specifies usage of all the products and supplements, including the Extend Delay Spray for men. This apply-on product has come to be very popular in the market for its unique formula and fast results. But its efficacy depends completely upon how well one abides by the rules of using the product. It is essential to know the quantity and timing of using the spray to ensure it delivers the desired results. Here are a few tips that one must follow to use this delay spray for men efficiently! 

Tips For Using The Delay Spray For Men Efficiently 

Any man who has heard about the delay spray for men by Bold Care must follow these tips to use the product efficiently. None of these guidelines is too complicated to follow. It is just about maintaining the time and amount of application. 

  • Use At The Right Time 

As per the instructions by Bold Care, one must apply the spray just 15 minutes before engaging in sexual intercourse. One must follow the timing and do not leave on the product more than this duration in hopes to see better results. Be precise and accurate with the timing. 

  • Do Not Follow “The More, The Better” Rule 

There is no such thing as more applications will lead to better results. The delay spray for men works well with the specified amount of 3-4 sprays. Do not spray more than this amount. 

  • Spray It On The Target Area 

Apply the spray on the shaft and tip of the penis. Cover the area evenly within a couple of sprays and make sure there is enough application on these two parts of the penis. Do not point the spray too close to the area. Utilise the spray evenly within the prescribed amount. 

  • Do Not Apply Any Other Product With The Spray 

The delay spray for men alone is enough to get desired results. Do not apply any stay-on items, get or anything over the spray. Also, clean the area properly before application. The more careful one is with the process, the better will be the results. 

  • Use 3-4 Sprays Only 

Bold Care mentions the limit of one-time application of the spray. It must not exceed four sprays at a time. Applying 5-6 sprays may irritate the skin and cause inflammation. 

Precautions To Take Before Applying The Product 

Apart from following the tips on how to use the delay spray for men properly, one must also take necessary precautions. 

  • Wipe the area with a clean cloth after applying the spray. 
  • Always wash the area thoroughly after having sexual intercourse and using the spray. 
  • Never compromise with the time mentioned in the guidelines. Use it just 15 minutes before engaging. 
  • Do not apply additional layers of any lubricant that contains alcohol or any strong chemical. 

The Bottom Line 

This delay spray for men works on a formula that contains Lidocaine 10%. It is no magic product that will yield any abnormal results. For instance, it neither increases the size of the penis nor entends the size of an erected penis. All it does is help delay ejaculation and last longer. So, if one is suffering from erectile dysfunction, this might not be the only product he needs. In that case, using other supplements that target ED is also mandatory to see the best results. 


Bold Care provides the best range of sexual wellness products for men that are highly safe and effective. One must follow the instructions and follow a healthy diet to ensure the results. Also, consult a health expert if there are any symptoms of underlying sexual health issues.