5 Reasons Why You Should Use Your Credit Card for a Holiday Purchase


COVID-19 had us all cooped up at home through most of 2020. Now, with the daily infections declining and travel across India resuming, quarantine-free international travel is not too far away. In fact, the concept of “staycations” has gained popularity. This involves visiting nearby holiday destinations and spending most of the vacation remaining indoors in a luxurious hotel and making only a few trips to local attractions.

If you’re planning a holiday soon, do apply for a credit card, as it offers a host of benefits to travels. Here are five main benefits of using your credit card to purchase a holiday.

  • No need to carry a lot of cash: It is unsafe to travel with a stack of cash in your wallet, purse, or baggage. When you’re on holiday, your expenses will definitely be higher, with payments for your stay, meals, local travel, entry fees at tourist attractions, and shopping. You can meet most of these expenses by simply swiping your credit card. In case you need cash, use your card to withdraw from an ATM. This way, your credit card gives you instant access to cash too.
  • Various holiday-related discounts: Before you apply for a credit card, check online for the offers associated with it. There are cards that are associated with travel-related websites and offer discounts on airfares, hotel bookings, car rentals and even on bus tickets for sightseeing. You can also check out offers at restaurants and discounts on various items you may need to purchase while on holiday. With such offers and discounts, you can make your holiday budget friendly without compromising on comfort.
  • Access to airport lounges: Airports need to follow some guidelines to prevent the spread of covid-19. Due to this, the airlines recommend reaching the airport at least two hours before the scheduled departure of your flight. This means you will spend some time waiting at the airport. Why not make this as enjoyable as your holiday? During your credit card application, make sure to choose one that allows you complimentary access to domestic terminal airport lounges in India.
  • Travel insurance: Given the coronavirus-related uncertainties, you may wish to protect yourself from expenses associated with missing a flight, delayed baggage arrival or a medical emergency. It’s a good idea to have a travel insurance policy cover you for such expenses. You can choose a credit card that offers discounts on travel insurance. With this, you are covered for contingencies at a far lower cost.
  • Rewards: The best part about using your credit card for your holiday is that you earn rewards. So, with every rupee spent on flights, hotels, car rentals, shopping and eating out, you earn reward points that can be redeemed for goods and services you purchase.

With the right credit card, your holiday can be far more convenient and delightful. So, check the benefits online when you apply for a credit card.