5 Reasons Why You Should See an Orthodontist


Specialists in Orthodontics

Orthodontists are doctors who focus on diagnosing and correcting dental and facial anomalies, such as the misalignment of teeth, bites, and jaws. While dentists and orthodontists are vested in seeing their patients have better oral health, the orthodontist’s focus on orthodontics sets them apart.

Did you know that, in addition to their four-year dentistry degree, orthodontists must also devote three years to full-time study at an accredited university? Also, they exclusively do orthodontics; it is all they do, all the time. To correct the misalignment of teeth and jaws and provide you or your child with a lifetime of healthy self-confidence, see an orthodontist.

Your Grin is One of Your Important Feature.

Consulting Walla Walla orthodontists to help you achieve your healthiest and most attractive smile can profoundly impact your quality of life. A beautiful, straight grin makes it simpler to keep your teeth and gums clean and can give you more self-confidence and lessen stress levels.

Positive Effects on Mental and Physical Health

In addition to the mental benefits, such as increased confidence, orthodontic treatment also has many physical benefits, such as creating a more attractive smile by fixing: Tooth and gum damage from bad bites, misaligned or overly protruding teeth, missing teeth, misaligned and crowded teeth, problems with chewing, breathing and speech, jaw dislocation which can affect your facial appearance. An orthodontist may be consulted for assistance with the diagnosis and treatment of obstructive sleep apnea, as well as the management of compulsive thumb and finger sucking in youngsters.

Choices to Suit Every Way of Life

Modern orthodontic treatments aim to be as unobtrusive and comfortable as possible, allowing patients to carry on with their daily lives without feeling embarrassed or hampered by their orthodontic appliances. Clear braces, lingual (internal) braces, and clear aligners are just a few examples of the current orthodontic treatment choices available to patients.

Only a specialist orthodontist will have the education, knowledge, and breadth of treatment options to put your mind at ease, whether you are thinking about traditional braces or clear aligners.

Orthodontics and Kids

Did you know that children as young as seven or eight who have problems with their bite or teeth should visit an orthodontist? What to remember is that some orthodontic issues can be quickly addressed when treated in young, developing jaws long before all the adult teeth are through. If these issues are not addressed until adolescence, they may worsen, necessitating more complex and intrusive treatment approaches that could have been avoided had they been addressed earlier.

Although not all children will require early orthodontic treatment, having a child visit an orthodontist between the ages of 7 and 10 will provide the specialist a chance to evaluate the position of the child’s teeth and jaws to determine if and when early intervention is necessary.

Walla Walla orthodontists have the specialized training to detect even the delicate orthodontic disorders in young children and can begin treating some of these issues early on to prevent more serious complications later on.