5 Instagramable Landmarks of Medan City that You Must Visit


What comes to your head when you hear Medan city tourism? Lake Toba will probably appear first, then followed by a legit durian as a culinary tour. As the capital of North Sumatra, Medan is known as the gateway to Lake Toba and Samosir Island. However, Medan city tourism was no less attractive in the past, Medan has also become a melting pot of various cultures that color the landscape of the city of Medan. If you happen to stop in Medan, don’t forget to stop by some of the city’s historical landmarks and are full of the following cultural values.

  1. Tjong A Fie Mansion

Medan’s unique and must-visit tourist attraction is the Tjong A Fie Mansion. Tjong A Fie Mansion is a 2-story luxury house located at Ahmad Yani street 105. Tjong A Fie Mansion is owned by a merchant from China who owns a plantation in Medan. Now, Tjong A Fie’s house is one of the historical buildings that can be visited to see portraits of past life in the city of Medan. The descendants of Tjong A Fie still live at the back of this mansion complex.

  1. Merdeka Walk

In addition to historical places, Medan city tourism is also interesting to visit is Merdeka Walk. This culinary center is known as a hangout place for young people with various food, entertainment, and performance arenas that are open 24 hours. This area is still decorated with classic European-style colonial buildings. One of the most prominent is the London Sumatra Building (Lonsum) which is located at one of the corners of Merdeka Walk.

  1. Faithful Buddhist Vihara

This hundred-year-old monastery is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Medan. The splendor of Vihara Setia Budi can be seen clearly from Merdeka Walk with its yellow terraced roof and red details. Not only the outside is magnificent. But the inside of this house of worship for three beliefs (Buddhist, Taoist, and Confucian) is no less luxurious with golden altars, statues of lions, cranes, and giant red candles. Then, not far from Vihara Setia Budi, the Titi Hanging bridge is also Instagramable, especially when the sky is already bright.

  1. Maimun Palace

Maimun Palace is an iconic Medan city tourist attraction, and you must stop by. The palace, which is located on Jalan Brigadier General Katamso, is the palace of the Sultanate of Deli was built in 1891 ago. In this Maimun palace, you can see architectural works that combine Malay, Spanish, Indian, Dutch, and even Italian styles. In addition, you can also take pictures wearing the clothes of a Malay king and empress at the Maimun Palace.

  1. Al Mashun Grand Mosque

Al Mashun Grand Mosque is 111 years old. The Al Mashun Grand Mosque is also one of the attractions in Medan that should not be missed. The architectural style is strong with Middle Eastern, Indian, and Spanish nuances. Masjid Raya Al Mashun is a witness to the glory of Malay in the era of the Sultanate of Deli, with its 8-square-shaped building and various interesting details. For example, a veranda jutting out on one side, stained glass from Art Nouveau, to the large, ceramic-coated courtyard.

Medan city tourism is not limited to culinary only. Due to this fact, Medan also has various exciting landmarks that hold historical and cultural values. When you go to Medan later, don’t forget to stop by the tourist attractions mentioned above, okay?

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