3 Tips to Get Rid of Bedbugs


Bed bugs are the most famous blood-sucking parasites. They are nocturnal and hide in beds or furniture during the day. The main reason for their spread is the expansion of borders for travel around the world. During daytime, they hide in furniture cracks and remain active at night to feed on human blood.

Bed bug treatment service experts are going to give you 3 effective tips to get rid of bed bug easily:

1) Remove bedbugs on your own

  • Put a bed bug trap: Attractant and heat attract bedbugs.Bedbugs get trapped and stick to the glue.
    But be careful! The smell of a person is always even more attractive to bedbugs than the attractant. In addition, a bed bug trap should be set several times until the bedbugs finally hatch from the eggs, and then be lured into the trap.
  • Bedbug spray is a spray with a pesticide against bloodsuckers. The spray is applied to all places where bedbugs hide in your home. How does bed bug spray work? You need to find all possible places where insects can hide: cracks, seams, etc. Direct spray the pesticide on the treated surface until it becomes noticeably moist. Spray the product at a distance of about 20 centimetres with a sweeping motion. Don’t miss a single section! After that, it is better not to touch the treated areas for a while, otherwise you will remove the pesticide.
  • Fighting bedbugs with steam: Bedbugs do not tolerate high temperatures. Use a steam device in pest control: Directing steam to places where bedbugs may be. With the help of high temperatures, it is possible to destroy bedbugs at all stages of their vital ability, as a result of which they die as adult bugs, nymphs and bedbug eggs.

2) Control of bedbugs Professional disinfestation

Since self-control insects often fails, a professional pest control agent should be used. In order not to waste your efforts and funds, it is better to immediately call a bed bug treatment service provider who knows exactly where and in what places the bedbugs are located and which places may be attractive to them in the future. Knowledge, experience and preventive work ensure effective control of bedbugs.

Are your house occupied by bed bugs? Yes, malicious parasites are very annoying. The safest and most reliable way is to contact a pest control specialist. He has the necessary knowledge and experience to get the job done properly.

3) How to prevent the appearance of bedbugs

To avoid bedbugs in your home, you need to be careful not to accidentally bring these insects home from another place through a clothing, bag or suitcase. If you travel a lot and often don’t spend the night at home, always check to see if you’re in an infected bed. Little critters can very easily crawl into your belongings and go home with you. It is necessary to check the bed by looking into the cracks, crevices and holes of the bed frame and especially into the seams of the mattress. Either way, always make sure your bag is as far away from your bed as possible. Are you going to book a hotel? Then check the hotel reviews to make sure no one has ever posted any negative reviews about bedbugs.

Bedbugs can also enter your home through used items. Avoid bed bug infestations, check second-hand clothes, furniture, and especially mattresses before buying them.

When should I see a pest control specialist?

Pests multiply rapidly, so act without delay! As soon as you find “bloodsuckers”, call a specialist as soon as possible and order a professional disinsection. If you are also tired of mosquitoes as well, then you can contact NEA approved best mosquito killer Singapore service.