3 Reasons Why You Should Start Blogging with WordPress


When it comes to blogging, you will find many people obsessed with WordPress. There are indeed some alternatives claiming that they are easy to use and don’t require you to buy your own hosting. However, every serious blogger knows that you should buy WordPress hosting simply because it is the best choice for your blog.

If you are wondering what makes WordPress so great for blogging, have a look at these 3 big reasons:

1.     That Professional Look

There are many free blogging platforms and you might be excited to use them because they’re free. However, if want people to take you seriously, you need to consider a few things.

First, these free platforms usually have generic-looking themes, tell-tale widgets in the sidebar, or credit links in the footer. So, your readers will get a very unprofessional first impression. Next, your readers may also think that you are not serious about blogging when they see that you’re not willing to invest in your blog.

When you buy WordPress hosting, you will get to customize the look of your website. Also, your readers will be impressed because they will be visiting your site at www.yourname.com instead of yourname.myfreewebsite.com. So, the first reason is simple enough. WordPress makes your blogging look professional and trustworthy.

2.     Be a Part of the Community

One thing you will find upon comparing with other blogging platforms or software is that WordPress has the support of a huge online community. So, whenever you come across an issue, you will easily find help within the community.

There is also abundant documentation and tutorials available online to help you understand how blogging on WordPress works. If you still need help, you can choose managed web hosting plans that offer 24×7 support and service.

3.     Get Flexibility

Unlike other free blogging platforms, you get incredible flexibility with WordPress. You can customize and control your website with the help of several exciting features, such as:

  • Unlimited Themes (well, almost): When you buy WordPress hosting, you get to choose from thousands of themes, including official themes from WordPress.org, or premium third-party themes, or you can create your custom theme.
  • Thousands of Plugins: With plugins, you can easily change or add whatever functionality you want on your site. These plugins (both free and paid) make WordPress infinitely flexible and allow you to create a unique blogging site for yourself.
  • Monetize Your Blog: When you buy WordPress hosting, you can choose a plan with unlimited web hosting and get access to unlimited web hosting and storage. This will allow you to handle a large volume of traffic to your site. Then, you can use third-party advertising, premium memberships, or any other tool to monetize your site in any way you want.

It is fairly easy to set up a WordPress site for blogging. And, once you do that, you open the door to endless opportunities for yourself.